Hillsboro Wrestling

Laser engraved leather patch hats for the Hillsboro Wrestling Team!


Laser Engraving

In addition to leather patch hats, we can engrave an all kinds of fun things!  Our catalog of engravable product is available here:  Engravable Catalog

Below are a few recent samples of what we've done for our customers.



Introducing Our Newest Technology - DTF!

Direct to film (DTF) is the newest technology in screen printing with many benefits:

With DTF images, you never have to worry about cracking, flaking or warping, because they have an elastic quality that offers durability and longevity. 

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to wash a functional piece of material, like a t-shirt or even a tote if it gets dirty. With the DTF process, your works of art can be washed without fear of them getting destroyed. Your image won’t crack or fade any time soon. 

The DTF process results in a quality transfer. If you’re looking for a clear, striking image that will mirror the design or logo for your business, DTF printing can get you just that. 

DTF looks and feels smooth. You don’t have to worry about your image getting bumpy after a few washes if the garment you printed on wrinkles or pills. 

One of the greatest benefits of DTF is that it can go on so many kinds of fabric (cotton, polyester, blend, leather, spandex, and flex) and any color of fabric.

Pricing is no long based on the number of colors (screens) in your artwork.  Pricing is a combination of number of locations, size of logo, and number of garments ordered.

Here are a few examples of recent DTF jobs that we've done for our customers:




The Siren

We love our repeat customers.  These leather patch hats go very quickly at the Siren so we are constantly keeping up with the demand!


Our Etsy Site is Open!

We got so many requests to buy our original digital files for our laser cut guitar art that we wanted to make them available for purchase.  We'll post more original digital files as well as finished products, so check back often!


Multilayer Laser Cut Surfboards

We are just loving our new CO2 laser!  These surfboard wall hangings are available for purchase just in time for the holidays!  They are all unique and hand painted. They can also be ordered wholesale and can be customized.

Laser Cut Ornaments

These little cuties are laser cut by us just in time for Christmas.  They can be customized or hand painted.  They are also available at wholesale prices.



Multilayer Laser Cut Wine Art

This 8 layer design is available for purchase just in time for the holidays.  Each is uniquely hand painted. It can also be ordered wholesale and can be customized!

Cayucos Coffee

Shop local, buy local!!!  We are so pleased to print merch for another of our small, local businesses!   Go pick up some delicious coffee and a super cute T!

The Siren

We are so excited to print for our newest customer, The Siren!  Not only do they have great food and music, they now have some awesome MERCH printed by us!!!  Go listen to some live music, grab some excellent grub and pick up a t-shirt for yourself!!



805 Homegrown

Whether it's your thing or not, you have to admit these are pretty cool!   Go get yourself one at Hot Shots Pismo!



805 California Bear

This logo is awesome, go get yourself one of our freshly printed t-shirts at Hot Shots, Pismo!

Honey Girl

 We love our regular customers and this logo is just so fun to print and engrave.